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Trenchless Pipe Replacement – New Pipes, No Digging!

Pipe Leaks, Roots, Backups or Sewer Odors?

Pipe Lining Restores Any Pipe Without Excavation

Are you experiencing leaking rain drains, sewer pipe leaks or backups from root growth, chiller pipe leaks or sand intrusion in storm drains?

Trenchless Pipelining Is Fast, Inexpensive and Permanent

Trenchless pipelining installs a new sleeve inside old pipes which only takes a few hours to “cure” or harden. So no excavation is needed and the new pipe is put back into service the same day! Since no walls or floors have to be replaced and restored, trenchless pipelining is cheaper and cleaner than traditional pipe replacement.

Almost Any Pipe Can Be Relined

Pipe lining can be used in high rise vertical sewer pipes and rain drains, underground cast iron and clay sewer pipes, cooling tower or chiller pipes. For deteriorating culvert pipes or storm drains that are experiencing sand infiltration or have started to collapse, pipe lining permanently restores the functionality of the pipe so that no more ground settlement occurs.

No Excavation Needed!

Every property owner, city and municipality is eventually faced with the choice to replace or rehabilitate the plumbing systems. The true cost of pipe replacement includes not just materials and labor, but the cost of pipeline downtime, bypass pumping, alternate accommodation for property inhabitants, cleanup after excavation and subjective matters like unsanitary conditions during sewer pipe excavation, relocation inconvenience, and time taken to complete pipe replacement.

Trenchless Pipelining Is Faster, Cleaner & Less Expensive

With trenchless pipe lining high rise tenants can stay in their condos, offices can continue operating, 24-hour production facilities can schedule brief downtimes, residents in homes do not need to move out, and there is no cleanup after the pipe relining. The pipe rehabilitation takes hours not weeks, and costs a fraction of the expense of pipe replacement.

Rock Hard, Tough Pipe Lining Materials

Some of our pipe lining materials have an engineered life of 100 years! Depending on the type of pipe being restored, the pipe lining materials are approved by the EPA, NSF and a host of other regulatory bodies. These agencies require that the manufacturers have their pipe lining materials tested by an independent engineering firm to verify that quality standards are maintained. So our warranties are up to 50 years in duration.

What Types Of Pipes Can Be Rehabilitated

Almost any kind of pipes, including galvanized, cast iron, ductile, vitrified clay, and orangeburg pipes can be rehabilitated. In some instances the pipe may have partially collapsed, or completely collapsed, in which case a technique called “Pipe Bursting” or “Slip Lining” would be used to replace the pipe without excavation.

Little Downtime – Residential, Industrial & Commercial Applications

We routinely restore the pipes of homes, production facilities and businesses and understand the need for little or no downtime. Our scheduling ensures the least amount of costly downtime and inconvenience to homeowners and business owners by working at night time, weekends or by using bypass pumping to that pipe flow is not interreupted.

Maryland cities served:

Silver Spring
Tacoma Park
College Park
Fort Washington
Chevy Chase
Glen Echo
Berwyn Heights

Northern Virginia cities served:

Falls Church